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Life Lately

Ten countries and fifty two flights in just last six months. Two trips around the world and countless new memories and friendships. Read along for all the newest life updates and adventures.

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Road to my First Title

Just over a week ago, I won my first professional title. As we all know, behind every success, every title, every award, and every accomplishment, there are usually years and years off hard work and dedication put it to make that all come true. This title is special, and as I am hoping this just…

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Keeping it in perspective

Unfortunately life is not just white or black. These are a few lessons I have learned by going through some really hard situations on and off the court this summer in Africa. How do you deal with tough, unjust moments in life? Share with me your thoughts as we try to put it all in perspective, even the injustice and failure, and find a way for future encounters.

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Craziest day of travel

In forty hours I managed to drive across Spain, fly to Serbia through France and then just after a few hours get on the plane again, not once but three times, to get to my destination in the United States. Forty hours, five flights, two continents and five countries. Highest level of stress, very little sleep and a meltdown in front of everyone at the airport.

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