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Join me on my journey as I share my past experiences along with my current career path as a professional tennis player and all the ups & downs along the way.

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Life Lately

Ten countries and fifty two flights in just last six months. Two trips around the world and countless new memories and friendships. Read along for all the newest life updates and adventures.

Forgotten Parts in the Life of a Professional Tennis Player

As professional tennis players, we travel constantly to tournaments around the world. Whenever someone hears that, the automatic response is somewhere on the lines of “wow that is so cool, you are so lucky” and as much as I agree, there are a lot of parts people are not aware of that go into this.…

Road to my First Title

Just over a week ago, I won my first professional title. As we all know, behind every success, every title, every award, and every accomplishment, there are usually years and years off hard work and dedication put it to make that all come true. This title is special, and as I am hoping this just…

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